Charles E. Sweet

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Charles Sweet, PGM,
Charles Sweet, PGM (From the Michigan Masonic Museum and Library Collection)
Charles Sweet, PGM,
Charles Sweet, PGM (From the Lou B. Winsor Photo Collection)

Most Worshipful Grand Master, 1907-1908

Charles Sweet was born in Keeler, Van Buren County, Michigan, on March 11, 1860. After pursuing his studies in schools of Southern Michigan, he entered upon the practice of law at Dowagiac on being admitted to the Bar in Cass County on October 1886. Later he took further studies at the U. of M., graduating in 1891. He was widely known as one of the most effective advocates enrolled among the Bar of the state.

He was raised as a Master Mason in Salathiel Lodge, No. 233, in Keeler, on January 1884. A few months later he moved to Dowagiac and demitted to Peninsular Lodge No. 214 where he was Worshipful Master in 1894-7. He took the York Rite degrees in Keystone Chapter No. 36, R.A.M., in 1885 and was High Priest of that Chapter in 1891-7. He was a member of Niles Council R. & S. M. He received the Orders of Knighthood in Niles Commandery, No. 12, K.T., in 1894 and has held all the offices in his Commandery, being Eminent Commander in 1904-05. He is a member of DeWittt Consistory A. & A.S.R. and by virtue of being a Past T.P.G.M. of Moriah Lodge of Perfection, is a member of the Council of Deliberation of Michigan. He was a member of Saladin Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., of which he was the Illustrious Potentate for the year 1905.

He entered the Grand Lodge as the Representative of his lodge in the year 1894, and has been a member of the grand body ever since, having been a member of standing committees from the year 1896 until his election as Grand Marshal in January, 1901, from which office he was promoted annually until he was elected Deputy Grand Master in May 1906, and by the death of our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Charles L. Stevens, he became acting Grand Master on the 31st day of January, 1907, and performed the duties of the office until the annual communication of Grand Lodge, on May 28-29, 1907, at which time he was elected Most Worshipful Grand Master for the year 1907-8.

He died on July 11, 1913.

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