Leonard James Hill

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Leonard James Hill, 33˚
Leonard James Hill 33˚ of Grand Rapids (From the Lou B. Winsor Photo Collection of the Michigan Masonic Museum and Library)

33˚ Scottish Rite Mason. Traveling furniture salesman based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Lou B. Winsor drafted his Scottish Rite obituary, which may account for the presence of his photo in the Winsor collection. It is identical to the one used on page 314 of the Supreme Council NMJ proceedings of 1935

The following is excerpted from his Scottish Rite Obituary record published in 1935.

Leonard James Hill, 33˚

Born in Waushura County, Wisconsin, August 19, 1865

Died in Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 28, 1934

Brother Leonard James Hill was of New England Stock, his father was Charles Hill and his mother's maiden name Linda Castline.

His school days were confined to district country schools. He early started out as a traveling salesman in the furniture line, which naturally brought him to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he spent his entire business life in connection with that industry.

He was married twice, first to Agnes Graham at Rochester, New York, on October 4, 1984, and second to Carrie Fox, at Grand Rapids, Michigan, on November 7, 1907. He had three children, all by his first wife; Donald G. Hill, Irene M. Hill and Lawrence A. Hill.

His Masonic record is as follows: He was made a Master Mason in Malta Lodge No. 465 of Grand Rapids, Michigan, December 27, 1912, and transferred his membership to York Lodge No. 410 of Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 15, 1919, and was a member of that lodge at the time of his death. He was made a Royal Arch Mason in Columbian Chapter No. 132, R.A.M. of Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 18, 1913. A Royal and Select Master in Tyre Council No. 10, of Grand Rapids, December 3, 1914. He was Knighted in DeMolay Commandery No. 5, of Grand Rapids, June 10, 1914. He received the degrees of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite in the Valley of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Moriah Lodge of Perfection, February 17, 1920; Cyrus Council Princes of Jerusalem, February 18, 1920; Robinson Chapter of Rose Croix, February 18, 1920, and DeWitt Clinton Consistory, February 20, 1920.

He was crowned an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, 33˚, for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America, at Boston, Massachusetts, September 20, 1927.

His chief activities in Masonry were exercised in serving many years as a member of the Hospitaler Committee in the Commandery of Knight Templar, and as Chairman of the Reception and Registration Committee of the Scottish Rite Bodies, from May 1920, till the time of his death. On both committees he was noted for his indefatigable labors. On the hospital committee he was tireless in looking out for his unfortunate fraters and their dependents. On the Reception and Registration Committee, the visitors to our Valley during our reunions will long remember his kindly, courteous and genial ways and how they were made to immediately feel at home and to enjoy their associations.

Brother Leonard James Hill was not an aspiring Mason as far as official preferment is concerned, but he was one who lived his Masonry every day of his life. Naturally modest and retiring, but very loyal and true to every trust committed to his care. He loved his family and his family life dearest of all, but next came his Masonry and his Masonic friendships, and in turn, there have been few Masons in this jurisdiction that have so thoroughly endeared themselves in the hearts of their brethren. "We cherish his memory in our hearts and we command his spirit to God who gave it."

-Lou B. Winsor 33˚, Active for Michigan

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