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Henry Ford, 33rd,
Henry Ford on the occasion of receiving his 33rd Degree.(From the Michigan Masonic Museum & Library collection)

On Friday December 6, 1940, Melvin M. Johnson, Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America (SGC-NMJ), conferred the 33rd Degree on Bro. Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company. Earlier in the day, Bro. Ford was the recipient of the 32nd degree. His 33rd degree took place in the Commandery Asylum of the Detroit Temple and was performed in the presence of 16 Active and more than a 100 Honorary members of the Supreme Council. This photo of the occasion includes (L to R): John W. Bricker, 33rd, Governor of Ohio; John A. Rowland, 33rd, Sovereign Grand Commander of Canada's Supreme Council; Henry Ford, 33rd; Melvin M. Johnson, 33rd, SGC-NMJ; and George E. Bushnell, 33rd, Michigan's Supreme Court's Chief Justice and Scottish Rite Deputy for Michigan. Special sessions had been held in the past to confer the 33rd degree, but never before had it been known that both the 32nd and 33rd degrees had been conferred on the same man in the course of single afternoon and evening.

Source: Masonic World Vol. 7, No. 5, January 1941

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