Robert P. Anderson

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Robert P. Anderson, PGM,
Robert P. Anderson, PGM (From the Michigan Masonic Museum and Library Collection)

Most Worshipful Grand Master, 1921-1922

Robert P. Anderson was born in Picton, Ontario, on December 29, 1866. He moved with his parents when he was five years old to Deseronto, Ontario, where he received his education and later learned the blind, door and sash making trade. He came to Port Huron a short time before he became twenty-one. He was employed for ten years with one company. During that time, he was in charge of the blind, door and sash department of the plant. He resigned from their employ in 1897 to form a partnership in a manufacturing company that continued until April 1, 1920.

He was a member of the Board of Estimates for two years, also an alderman four years, and served the city during the past ten years on the Board of Review. He received the highest vote in 1919 as School Commissioner for a six-year term. He was also a director of the Chamber of Commerce. His civic duties did not prevent him from attending to his Masonic duties, for he was for many years the Treasurer of Pine Grove Lodge No. 11 and Huron Chapter No. 27, R.A.M., also he served as a Prelate of Port Huron Commandery No. 7.

He married Elizabeth Jackson on January 14, 1891 in Sarnia, Ontario. They were blessed with two children, a son and a daughter.

He had the pleasure of conferring the first and third degrees of Masonry upon his son-in-law in Flint.

He was raised as a Master Mason May 10, 1899 in Pine Grove Lodge No. 11. He was elected Junior Deacon in December 1899, Senior Deacon, 1900, Senior Warden, 1901, and Worshipful Master, in December 1902. He received the degrees in Huron Chapter No. 27, R.A.M., M.M. March 20, 1900, P.M. on April 10, 1900, M.E.M. on April 10, 1900, and exalted on April 24, 1900. He was elected and served the Chapter as High Priest for two years and while serving his tenth year as Treasurer. He received the degrees in Marine City Council No. 59, R. & S.M. demitting to assist in forming the Fred L. Wells Council, in Port Huron. He was the first Deputy Master and afterwards served the Council as T.I.M. for three years. He received the Order of Knighthood in Port Huron Commandery No. 7, on January 24, 1902, and was elected as E.C. in 1909.

He was duly elected Most Worshipful Grand Master in May 1921.

He was a Noble of Moslem Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. of Detroit. He was Worthy Patron of Port Huron Chapter No. 170, O.E.S. for three consecutive years. He served continuously during twenty years as a member of the Masonic Temple Association from Pine Grove Lodge and was President of the Association.

He died on May 14, 1932.

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